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Item : BioTest Liver Function Test Kit

SKU : TK014

Quantity : 2 tests per box

Specimen : Urine

What you need to know

Liver is the body’s chemical factory, converting molecules into simpler or more complex forms as the body requires. For example, nutrients are modified in the liver, then stored there or distributed throughout the body; toxins such as alcohol are broken down into less harmful substances. The liver also produces the digestive juice bile.


Some of the reasons causing the liver function include

1. Excessive breakdown of red blood cells

2. Obstruction of the bilary tract

3. Liver diseases including infection, cancer and cirrhosis (scarring of liver due to chronic alcoholism)



BIOTEST Liver Function Test Kit contains two dip-and-read test strips and intended for use to check for Bilirubin and Uro-bilinogen in urine specimens as an aid in screening of liver and gall bladder problems.



People on high risk of liver function problem and should check regularly


1.1. Excessive alcohol consumption over a long period




2. People on recreational drugs




3. People on large doses of vitamins & minerals especially vitamin A, vitamin D, iron and niacin and mix with herbal remedies




4. People on long term medication / drugs especially on:

  • Acetaminophen (found in Tylenol)

  • 2.Allopurinol (to treat gout, seizures or bypass surgery)

  • 3.Antibiotics (especially to treat E coli)

  • 4.Antiretroviral regimens (to treat HIV)

  • 5.Anabolic Steroids

  • 6.Oral contraceptives

  • 7.Nitrofurantoin (to treat UTI and other bacteria infection)

  • 8.Sulfonamides and Erythromycins (to treat Strep A, sinus, pneumonia, bronchitis etc)